NéVetica App

  • Services: On Demand Dog Walking, On Demand Grooming, Pet Sitting, etc.
  • Fitness: Track pet meals and calories, Track dog walks, Track weight, etc.
  • Social: Pet Book, Set up Play Dates, Breeding Programs, Pet Sitting,
  • Tracking: via our NéVetica Pet Tracking Device
  • Education: On Demand Questions for Vets, Daily Paws of Wisdom, Pet Coaching, Pet Training Videos, Pet Education Forums, Veterinary Scholarship Program
  • Shopping: Via our NéVetica On-line Store

Distributor version of app will include all of the above in addition to the following:

  • Live Check Display
  • Downline Tracker
  • Customer Tracker
  • Company Training Tools and Videos

Policies and Procedures

Choose to make a change today, so that you can see a change and your pets will feel the change in their health.

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