NeVetica Oral Care System (OCS Small)

Good oral hygiene begins by practicing daily habits of hygiene. The NéVetica Oral Care system is the first step to beginning better oral health for your pet. We have combined two powerful products to enhance your dog’s oral care with our Dental Chews and Water Additive. The dual action chews work to freshen breath while also breaking down tartar. Our mouthwash also works to freshen breath and can potentially soothe an upset stomach. Regular use of the Oral Care System can help your dog have fresher breath, less tartar present, and support healthy teeth and gums.

  • Contains ingredients to support healthy teeth and gums.
  • Helps keep your pet’s teeth healthy and clean.
  • Supports periodontal functions.
  • Promotes normal periodontal health.
  • Strengthens and whitens teeth without harming periodontal tissues.
  • Does not contain alcohol, sugar, detergents or surfactants.
  • 100% safe for long-term usage.

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